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This is my little website about my Japanese to English translations of mostly adult-oriented works. If you're not of legal age where you live, come back when you're grown up :) This website isn't updated often...

News -18 Jan 2018-

18 Jan 2018
Still alive and accepting commissions.

Latest released translations -28 Dec 2015-

[Amulai Sweet Factory] Musou Tensei Cyguard -27 Dec 2015-

A superhero(ine) gender-bender work with pretty cute art. Commissioned and edited by Sbaliosa.
E-Hentai gallery link.

[DEEP RISING (THOR)] Anagura no Onna-tachi Episode 2 (God Eater){Partial} -18 Dec 2015-

Alisa from God Eater is brainwashed and used. Partial translation only. Commissioned and edited by Doomsdayman.
E-Hentai gallery link.

[Iwakoshi Kunio] Fighting Bitch Angels Ch. 1 [Strange Scans] -17 Dec 2015-

Strange Scans is back! The first chapter of a volume of stories about schoolgirl gangs. It's always interesting to work on old manga. Commissioned and edited by Superkawaii!!.
E-Hentai gallery link.

(C84) [Purin Dou (Hisahiko)] Slave Market II (Original) -13 Dec 2015-

Elves in a… slave market. Rather depressing stories, but even in the darkness there's some light. Commissioned by Persona Ohnlyne.
E-Hentai gallery link.

[Tamamusi] Poem of Winter -05 Dec 2015-

Tamamusi does original yuri shorts that I find quite adorable. For the winter season here's one of my favourites, Poem of Winter. {Girls only}.

Download it as a zip from mega.nz.
Check out Tamamusi's other works at her Pixiv page or read the original of this story here.

(C86)[Vivit Gray(Shinoasa)]Foot Prints (2 pages) -05 Dec 2015-

Gaku Touhou already did a translation for the entire volume, but I hadn't released the 2 pages of Shinousa's Foot Prints that I did in October 2014(I think?). Personally I like KaguyaxMokou but KeinexMokou isn't bad either. {Girls only}.

Download the 2 pages as a zip from mega.nz.
You can read Gaku Touhou's complete translation here.

Commissions -Open-

I do Japanese to English translation commissions for doujinshi, manga, light novels and game scripts etc.
Check out the Commissions FAQ to find out how you, too, can get your favourite works translated into English.

Contact me

Email me at rinruritrans [at] gmail.com.

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