Welcome to Rinruririn Translations -Updated 19 Jul 2014-

This is my little website about my Japanese to English translations of mostly adult-oriented works. If you're not of legal age where you live, come back when you're grown up :) This website isn't updated often...

News -19 Jul 2014-

19 July 2014
Still alive, barely.

24 May 2014
I'm still alive.

22 Feb 2014
Today, 22/2, is 'Cat Day' in Japan! Have a nyan day :3
The website will be reverted back to the normal theme when I feel like it ^^U

14 Feb 2014
Valentine's Day! Spending it alone? Don't worry! In the long run, we're all dead!
My Valentine's Day release for this year is I Love You by 'abgrund'.
It's a story about a girl who liked traps, from a doujin circle that likes traps.
Anyway the doujin is straight and also non-h, so anyone can read it~ The pages are rather small, but that's because the raw was small. I hope you haven't been doing too much of anything that makes you go blind.
Click on the cover, s and s to open full-size images or download the archive version from links at the end.

Archive download link: Zippyshare
E-H Gallery: Here

Latest released translations -Updated 14 Feb 2014-

[abgrund (udk)] I LOVE YOU ♥ (Original) [English] Release: 14 Feb 2014
Valentine's Day 2014 Release. It's a trap!

(C85) [Alice no Takarabako (Mizuryu Kei)] YARIMAN (ARIA) [English] [Chocolate + LWB] Release: 02 Feb 2014
Mmm… Alice's doujins tend to suffer from 'same face syndrome', but I quite liked this one.

[Sanzoku no Uta (Takara Akihito)] Sex With the Birds and Beasts! (Touhou Project) Release: 01 Feb 2014
Dog sex. And bird sex. Kind of…

Commissions -Open-

I do Japanese to English translation commissions for doujinshi, manga, light novels and game scripts etc.
Check out the Commission FAQ to find out how you, too, can get your favourite works translated into English.

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